Who is Correspondent Lending?

There are independent mortgage banks and financial institutions who originate mortgage loans but ultimately do not want to carry the loan on their balance sheet or service the loan. These firms use their own warehouse lines of credit or deposits to fund the loans up front and then look to larger banks like Chase to “purchase the loan.”

The objective

The goal of this project was to update Correspondent Lendng with a refreshed/updated look and feel while aligning it with the new Chase Masterbrand. Deliverables included developing guidelines for future marketing and event materials, print & digital ads, email templates, PPT templates, social templates, and new materials for their upcoming MBA event (print & digital ads, fliers, bag inserts, table tents, a postcard, and 6 ft. standing banners)

Project information

STUDIO: Chase Brand Creative


COPYWRITER: David Ayscue iii