Who are they?

For 60 years, Call Management Resources has been keeping their valued clients connected by providing stellar live agent answering and innovative call solutions. Whether they are in search of a virtual receptionist, customer support service or a custom call solution, CMR will help organizations save time, resources and money by designing a package that will fit their unique business needs.

The objective

To reintroduce their mission, Call Management Resources needed to partner with an agency to create a new brand and website strategy, positioning them as a leader in providing 2417 call center solutions to clients nationwide. Origo created a new brand identity featuring the character Cosmo, who gave greater personality, life, and emotional connection to the audience.

This is only the original design for the mascot/logo/website. Unfortunately i left Origo before completing the final website.

Project information

STUDIO: Origo Branding Company

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Tommaso Ciaffoncini